Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Freeze and Shake House Party - Party Pack

I got my Freeze and Shake party pack in the mail yesterday. My daughter was so excited to see all the decorations, she wanted to steal all the flower hair clips.

I have seen the commercial for these and have wanted to try them. But you know me, I am extremely thrifty (Cheap). So I was so glad to be chosen for this house party.

This is what the party pack included:

  • 4 coupons for $10 off Freeze & Shake
  • 15 coupons for guests for $3 off Freeze & Shake
  • 16 Lively leis
  • 6 Flower hair clips
  • 1 Freeze & Shake magnets
  • 50 Drink umbrellas
  • 72 Flamingo toothpicks
  • 1 Cooler
  • 1 Flip-flop string lights
Let the party plans beging!

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