Friday, May 6, 2011

My Publix Trip - 5/6/11

My hubby did our shopping this morning. I dont usually post our trips, but I was kinda excited about this one. My goal was to get under $15. This order came out to $11 and some change. It would've been $6.50 ish, but I decided to splurge on some Eight O'clock coffee.

We got some good freebies:
  • 5 coffee mate creamers
  • Always product
  • Tampax product
  • Suave conditioner
  • 6 boxes of Crystal Light (they actually paid me 48 cents to buy them)
  • 2 boxes of Power of Fruit bars
Under $1:
  • 4 boxes of Edwards Single Desserts (55 cents each)
  • 6 bottles of John Frieda shampoo/conditioner (49 cents each)
  • 6 bags of Birdseye frozen veggies (under 50 cents each)
  • 4 bags of Pepperidge Farm Stone Baked Artisan Rolls (50 cents each)

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