Wednesday, May 4, 2011


For our anniversary a few years ago, we got the kids a Wii. We just got a few of the basic games. After a while, they were so bored, they didn't play it for months. We looked and looked and could not find any good, low priced games. So the dust collected on the wii.

Finally, I cashed out of my Mindfield surveys acccount into an Amazon gift card ($15) and started my search again. After a bit of seaching (and talking to my son - I don't play video games, so I dont know what they like), I found Pikmin for Wii on Best part, after my credits on Amazon, it was free, even the shipping.

We got the game yesterday, and the funny part is, my husband said "oh what a stupid game!" Well guess who's playing it right now, as we speak (or as I write), he is. Has been playing for about an hour. And the kids have hardly even played it. Nice!!!!!

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