Friday, March 11, 2011

This Week's Adventures...3/10/11

I would say overall it's been a good week. We didn't NEED all the things we got, but we added to our reserve (I don't really like the work stockpile.)

1. Publix: Got $150.99 worth of stuff and spent $38.23 out of pocket. About a 74% savings. And it wasn't all junk. I got some meat, veggies, cheese , dairy, olive oil, lunch meat from the deli counter, some cleaning supplies. and a couple other random things. And in the end, I have a $10 gift card to use next week. (My hubby does the major food shopping , and I always forget to tell him to take a pic for me.)

2. CVS: Transaction #1: 4 Wisk 50 oz laundry detergent, 1 Revlon nail polish, 2 Skors candy bar, 1 Dove candy bar, 1 small, single serve Frosted Flakes, and a Wild Cherry Pepsi. I paid $10.54 out of pocket, and saved $38.54. I got $7 extra care bucks (ECB) for next purchase.

3. CVS: Transaction #2: 2 John Frieda Shampoos, 3 small, single serve Kellogg's cereal. I paid $0.84 out of pocket, and saved $17.28. I got $3 extra care bucks (ECB) for next purchase.

4. CVS: Transaction #3 : 2 Gallons of TG Lee Milk. I paid $3.38 out of pocket, and saved $4.00 And I still have $2 extra care bucks (ECB) for the next time I go back to CVS. So, after everything was said and done, this is the breakdown:
Total purchased: 225.57
Total Out of Pocket 52.99
Total Saved: 172.58 or about 75% savings

And I had some time to kill this morning so I went to Publix, I found the Sargento's Jack cheese I had coupons for, but couldn't find at my usual store. I got four packs, and a single serve package of Oreos for $0.50. (I always feel bad walking out not paying anything, so I get the cheapest thing i find.)

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