Friday, March 4, 2011

SC Johnson Smart and Easy Spring Cleaning BzzCampaign

I have been accepted into the SC Johnson Smart and Easy Spring Cleaning BzzCampaign. I am so excited. I love their products. I haven't had one yet that I don't like.They have a new spring line coming out. This is how it's described.

Glade® Limited Edition Spring Collection

What better way to celebrate the excitement of springtime than with decorative designs and seasonal fragrances available exclusively during our favorite season? Release the magic™ of spring throughout your home with the limited edition Glade® Spring Collection:

  • Includes three seasonal fragrances to help welcome spring into your home
  • Sparkle of Spring™, featuring zesty lime, ginger and vanilla
  • Bring on the Blossoms™, featuring a medley of jasmine, rose, peony and sandalwood
  • Jump for Joy™, featuring orange oil, apple, pineapple, mango and black currant (I definitely want to try this one)
They are available in:
  • Glade® 4-oz. Jar Candles burn up to 22 hours so you can enjoy fantastic fragrances at a great value!
  • Glade® Scented Oil Candles in refillable decorative glass holders to quickly fill the room with fragrance
  • Glade® Premium Room Sprays instantly fragrance the air with a gentle, quiet mist
  • Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil offering continuous, long-lasting scented oil fragrances (My preferred method, cause it can run all day, even when I'm not home, so my house always smells good)
I'm not totally certain what my package will contain (I deleted the message they send me), but either way, I cannot wait. Being a BzzAgent is so much fun!

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