Monday, February 21, 2011

The hardest thing I've had to do

I am known amongst my friends and family to be extremely indecisive. So you can imagine my horror when my husband said: "We need to get a new mattress."

So for weeks we go to store after store. We go to mattress stores, department stores, furniture stores, any other kind of store tha t might sell something that resembles a bed. We saw all kinds of mattresses, high ones, low ones, plush and firm, white, beige, blue, fuzzy, flowery, etc. We even saw some Donald Trump ones (they are so comfortable and so extremely expensive).

The poor kids were so bored, and truth be told, so were we. But we needed to get it done so we endured through it.

Finally, after the long, torturous journey, we pulled the trigger. We decided on a Mattress. A nice Simmons one. It's amazing how many options are available. The lady at the store said that they once did a survey and asked if people would prefer going to the dentist or mattress shopping. The majority chose the dentist. I kinda agree.

I'm excited. It gets delivered on Friday . Now I have to go shopping for a nice (hopefully inexpensive) comforter set. Can't wait.

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