Thursday, January 6, 2011

My HTC HD7 is here

It is finally here. I was so anxious about getting the phone. I dreamed about how wonderful it would be. I dreamed of all the fun things I could do with it. And It has exceeded what I thought of it. I love it. The screen is huge. It feels a little weird because the slider phone I had before was way smaller. But I love all the features. It is so easy to navigate and the speed is amazing.

I love the home screen, how you can customize it to fit your specific need, not just a generic template to choose from. There is still much I have to learn, I've only had it a day, but I have made everyone in my office jealous. It is more phone than I need, but I LOVE it.

To be truthful, I wanted a phone with a more comprehensive calendar, and this has exactly what I wanted. Also, the fact that I can upload my music and pics is nice. My husband can get his iPod T Touch back.

Only downside, since I've been using it so much, the battery is very low right now, but that's probably because of overuse and nothing to do with the actual quality of the battery.

This is the best BzzAgent campaign I've participated in.

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  1. I did get in that campaign! BUMMER!!!!!
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